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Vietnam cashew husk biomass steam boiler

2019-03-19 19:02:14     Author:zgboiler

  Cashew husk biomass steam boiler are used for power generation and production process supply in Vietnam. Due to Vietnam is rich in cashews so the local boilers are fueled by cashew husk.

cashew husk biomass steam boiler

  The benefits biomass steam boiler

  Biomass fuel is a kind of rich renewable energy, with carbon neutrality, burning and cleaning features, which promotes the rapid development of biomass boilers to a certain extent. The shaped biomass fuel burns in the furnace for a long time and is fully burned. The burnt ash is a very good fertilizer and can be recycled. ZBG biomass boiler can replace the traditional boilers that burn oil, coal and other non-renewable resources, and is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. Biomass boilers can save costs and they don't require oil and gas ignition, saving expensive start-up costs. Boiler operation is simple, saving labor costs. And the boiler consumes less electricity. What is more, the fly ash share is small, so the original dust concentration of the boiler is low. The smoke emits less sulfur and phosphorus oxides.

  If a Vietnamese customer needs a biomass boiler to contact us, we will provide you with detailed information and quotation. The biomass fired boiler price is determined by many factors, like its capacity(tons, MW), the auxiliary boiler brand, and the transportation region. While enterprises is in the purchasing of biomass fired boiler, the boiler models need to determine according to their actual needs. Due to the cashew husk as fuel it will be have people save more costs in fuel part.

  If you want to get a quotation of cashew husk biomass steam boiler, please give us the details as more as you can, so that we can give you solutions!

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