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Rice husk biomass boiler in rice mill

2018-12-29 18:29:52     Author:zgboiler

  ZBG produces 2-165 ton rice husk biomass boilers for rice plants of different sizes. This can provide customers with reliable boiler equipment solutions based on the actual needs of customers. ZBG has successfully provided services to tens of thousands of customers, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Australia and Russia.

Rice husk biomass boiler in rice mill

  The use of rice husk biomass boilers in rice plants is a very smart approach. Traditionally, part of the rice husk is used as an admixture in poultry feed and the balance is normally a disposal problem. As large quantities of rice husks are normally available at the rice mills there are no additional efforts or costs involved in the collection of this biomass for use as an energy source. Due to the availability of large quantities at any given location, rice husks can be put to use for comparatively larger energy applications, like generation of steam for process heating applications.

Rice husk biomass boiler in rice mill

  Using rice husk as a fuel for boilers can not only solve some of the energy consumption problems of enterprises and rice husk treatment problems, but also have great environmental and economic benefits. If the rice husk should not be treated as a furnace fuel, it is a waste or trash for rice mill. It will become a burden of the rice mill. In terms of calorific value of rice husk it is about 3,000-3,542 kcal/kg (12,600-14,876.4kJ/kg) (Lee, 1998). The energy value is approximately one-fourth of kerosene or 1kg kerosene is about 2.4kg of rice husk. Because combustion temperature can reach 800-1000℃, rice husk is a good furnace combustion material. The application of rice husk furnace in a rice mill has the following advantages, such as low production and transportation costs, high calorific value and ease to use; therefore, it is a very good bio-energy resource.

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