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5 ton biomass pellets boiler in Myanmar

2019-03-20 17:41:20     Author:zgboiler

  5 ton biomass pellets boilers are easy to transport, low in cost and simple to use, and are well received by Myanmar customers. ZBG is an internationally renowned manufacturer of industrial boilers and power station boilers. Its products are widely sold in more than 120 countries and regions including Australia, Russia, Mexico, Myanmar and Vietnam. Myanmar is close to China and often chooses to buy industrial boilers produced in China. So far, ZBG has exported many different types of boilers to Myanmar, and biomass boilers are a very competitive type of boiler.

5 ton szl series biomass pellets boiler in Myanmar

  5 tph dzl series boiler is a single furnace in line, chain traveling grate, fire tube, packaged boiler. The boiler is designed with symmetric heating surface, firm structure and sound water circulating system. Large water content and steam space ensures low water level fluctuation and high quality steam. The boiler has good fuel adaptability and high efficiency. It is convenient to install and is suitable for the application to produce steam for the manufacturing process.

  5 t/h szl biomass boilers are double furnace in line, chain traveling grate, water tube boiler. Advanced stoker air control and air chamber ash handling system, light chain traveling grate type stoker and modulated speed control system make it easier to reach the best combustion condition.

  These two types of boilers are suitable for burning various biomass pellet fuels, giving full play to the advantages of biomass fuels, and having the advantages of sufficient combustion and low pollution. In addition to the 5 ton biomass pellet boiler, ZBG also supplies 2-20 ton package biomass boilers for Myanmar customers, as well as 20-108 tph biomass pellet corner tube boilers and 8-115 t/h fluidized bed boilers for burning biomass pellets.

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